Monday, May 16, 2011

In him I see...

my sweet, mild mannered Pa. My mum's dad. He is a Pitcairn!!

Noah is getting more and more like my Mum's side of the family as he gets older. When he was born he looked exactly like my dad and during the chubby baby/toddler days he looked so much like his Daddy but now he is starting to look like a Pitcairn. Last year we went to visit my Great Aunty...making her Noah's great great aunty :)...and the minute he sat next to her for the photo I almost fell over. I didn't realise how much he looked like this side of the family until this very moment. When he sat between my mum and great aunty it was kinda scary how much they all looked alike.

We are also noticing lately that he has a few of my Pa's smacking his lips together when he is deep in concentration. I try not to giggle and my mum gets a little teary :). It is so wonderful to see him in Noah because I know that he would have adored his great grandson!

I did this for a colour room challenge a few weeks ago....felt so good to get a page done.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi....I will pop around to say hi soon.


Cathy said...

Such a sweet LO Natalie.. love all the layered yumminess and your pretty details!! :)

Annemieke said...

Awesome LO!! Love the colours and the details.. The dollies are great!

Angela said...

too funny your light bulb moment! I find my kiddies look like whoever they are with at the time! maybe they are a true blend of both of us and that shines through depending on which family member they are with! oR that FAMILY only choses to SEE their side! lol Love your LO Nat! xx

sophie said...

so nice ! love the flower and the way you made the leaves!! and sxeet banner too!

sophie said...

I meant sweet of course!!

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