Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shades of blue...

I couldn't seem to stop...I loved this colour combo so much that I made four cards...yep, four.

Like I said I just couldn't seem to stop and the only reason I eventually had to call it quits is because I ran out of the yellow gingham paper from MME...lol.

This was the third one I made...but my overall fave of the batch :).

Will share the others soon when I get the photographed.

Kids are tucked up in bed, hubby is in flight on his way home from Brisbane...will be so good to see him and have him around the house for a couple of days...and I am going to see if I can crank out any more craftiness.

Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray...

...it is my mummy's birthday today!!! We had my mum, great aunty, my sister and her family over on Saturday night for a delicious meal of Thai and then yummy birthday cake. Each year my sister and I take it in turns to make her cake and there is a bit of an underlying competition between us. For mum's 60th my sister made this...

she bought the flowers but did the rest...pretty good, huh?

So this year I did this...
(photo source)

oh yeah!!! It took me all day Saturday and the kids didn't get the help much...I was in Control Freak mode about this cake...hahaha. Plus they had more fun helping Daddy wash the cars :).

It was so good...none left now!!! I made a fluffy meringue frosting and in between each layer I spread a thin layer of raspberry jam....delicious, I tell ya.

So lets see what my sister comes up with next year...hehehe.

Moving onto crafty news...

Still card making like crazy...I really want to scrap because I am getting so far behind ( I was up to date) but I just have no mojo in that area.

Yesterday marked my last day as a Twisted Sister over a Twisted sketches...had a great time on this team. Anam makes the most wonderful sketches...make sure you pop over to have a look.

Here is the last sketch we worked with...

the twist this week is Summer and here is my take on it...

Thanks again Anam...I had a wonderful time on the team.

Thanks for stopping by....hope it is nice and dry where you are because I swear if we have anymore rain our house will start to sink...it is insane here atm.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

friends till the end...

I consider myself pretty darn lucky to have made some beautiful friends since we moved here.

So this one is for them...you know who you are :)

I used the colour palette from Colour Q...what is it with yellow and red atm? Normally I would avoid a colour combo like this but the minute I saw it I got creating....hmmmm? Love those socks, too...very cute.

Still cold in the land of Oz today...and to top it off Noah and I have colds...grrrr. On the bright side Hubby will be home this arvo after a week away for work. Does anyone else get a little annoyed when Hubby rings to tell them that they scored the penthouse room...with a spa...while you are at home with two sick kids? Oh well, he deserves it. He works so hard for us and is extremely talented at what his does...but still...lol.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoy everyday...

even when it is bitterly cold, blowing a gale and you have housework to do :).

Enjoy life...it just goes so fast.

I was watching my little kindergarten man do his homework tonight and realised that his has inherited his Daddy's knack for numbers...HALLAELUJAH, I say!!! Math is so not my strong point...lol. I also realised that his first year of school is flying by...didn't he just start a few weeks ago?!?!?!

He is doing so well...learns his sight words each week, loves to practice writing them (with no pushing from me...he just thinks it is fun...YAY), and loves to read his home readers each night. He loves school, his teacher and has made some wonderful little friends. There are 7 boys in his class and they have all bonded really well!!

Hubby has been away this week so I have been crafting away once the kids are in bed...nice but a little bit too quiet :).

So I played along at CR84FN again...loved this colour scheme.

Love a bit of purple :).

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wish big...

Just popping in to share a few cards.

Played along at CASE Study this week...I am Sarah Martina Parker's biggest fan. Her cards are just scrumptious!!

Here is her card...

And here is my take of it...

I also used ColourQ challenge #85 for this card...the unusual colours just popped right out at me!!!

I also have this weeks card challenge from The Studio to share. The challenge is to use something shiny on your card.

I used the little iridescent wings that I found at a little craft store when the kids and I were on holidays in April.

Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshiny winter day...

We have had the most glorious week of weather and today is no exception...but alas, it is not to last! Next week is meant to be rain, rain and wait, you guessed it...RAIN!!!

I played along over at CR84FN this week...funny, this colour combo would usually having me running in the opposite direction but the beautiful weather must of inspired me...

Off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful afternoon with the kids outside and prepare myself for a week which will no doubt end in severe case of cabin fever!!!

Hope you are all well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

In him I see...

my sweet, mild mannered Pa. My mum's dad. He is a Pitcairn!!

Noah is getting more and more like my Mum's side of the family as he gets older. When he was born he looked exactly like my dad and during the chubby baby/toddler days he looked so much like his Daddy but now he is starting to look like a Pitcairn. Last year we went to visit my Great Aunty...making her Noah's great great aunty :)...and the minute he sat next to her for the photo I almost fell over. I didn't realise how much he looked like this side of the family until this very moment. When he sat between my mum and great aunty it was kinda scary how much they all looked alike.

We are also noticing lately that he has a few of my Pa's quirks...like smacking his lips together when he is deep in concentration. I try not to giggle and my mum gets a little teary :). It is so wonderful to see him in Noah because I know that he would have adored his great grandson!

I did this for a colour room challenge a few weeks ago....felt so good to get a page done.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi....I will pop around to say hi soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Buddies...

We are spending the weekend together as a family for the first time in over 6 weeks and to celebrate we are doing NOTHING!!! And it is wonderful. It is beautiful and sunny but a little on the chilly side and we are having fun by enjoying the simple things.

Yesterday, Hubby and the kids made a cubby house in the main lounge room and spent most of the day in it. Last night I cooked Tandoori Chicken burgers and we ate in the cubby...so much fun. We finished the night off with Kit Kat sundaes and then snuggled on the lounge to watch Tangled...ah, bliss!!!

Every now and then I have been sneaking in here to do a little crafting and I have a few things to share today. I have been absent for a while due to all the constant travel to mum's and living out of boxes until furniture got put back where it belongs. I had no time left to sit and blog.

So first up is this weeks Twisted Sketch....(I am going to work backwards :) ).

This weeks twist is Friend.

Next up is last weeks card challenge at The Studio....you need to use fabric on your card.
I printed out a digi mannequin stamp and then wrapped it with a strip of fabric.

I will leave it at that today...be back soon with a few more.

Before I go I just want to lead you over the the beautiful Aussie Cards for Sale website. Alicia has some gorgeous cards on sale from so many talented artists...everyone will find something to their taste over there!!!! We have also been joined by this fabulous designer....I love her work.

Here are a few of my cards that are currently up for sale.

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.
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