Friday, February 11, 2011

Emerging from the fog...

It may seem like a rather dramatic title but that is how I feel atm. No one told me that when your first child starts school you can be in a daze for up to two weeks!!! I have never felt so lost. And actually being a teacher does not help ONE. LITTLE. BIT!!! The shoe is on the other foot and it was a little uncomfortable...hehehe. I am a bit on obsessive side when it comes to organisation and routine. Apart from bringing home a new baby girl 3 years ago, our routine has been the same for the last 5 years and now I am trying to squeeze everything into the hours between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

I used to clean on a Monday, grocery shop on a Tuesday, complete lazy day at home on a Wednesday, swimming lessons and lots of running around on a Thursday and music and catching up with friends (not every week) on a Friday. That routine is GONE...and I am struggling to find a new one. Abi and I are having fun and doing lots of girly things together but most days I am getting nothing done!!! Washing can still be sitting in the machine until late afternoon. Throw in the biggest heat wave we have ever had and I just threw my hands up in defeat last week.

This week I have made a much better start at our new 'life' My hubby isn't looking at me like I am going to flip out at any moment and the kids seem much less stressed!!! Noah is LOVING school...he has made some gorgeous little friends and he adores his teacher. He is NOT a fan of

I have a few projects to share with you...nothing new as Mr Mojo also disappeared during the last week but he is on his way home, I think ;).

These two LO's were from palette #43 at The Colour Room...ummm, hello, GREY and could I not play!!!

And I even used the palette to make my little girls birthday card. That new baby girl that I mentioned above turned 3 on Tuesday....oh 'sigh'...where does the time go.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are all well.


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Oh I understand what you mean 100%. I felt the same when my eldest started preschool 2 days a week not long ago and everyone would say "oh how will have some much time to your self" but not its not like that is it? I dont work well outside routine as well, so its only been the last couple of times she has gone to preschool that I have done something productive with my day. And yep! Being a teacher does not fact dont you think it makes things a little harder somehow?

I love you TCR layout. Love those butterflies. Good job!

Belinda said...

Oh Nat I can so totally relate. My little girl started school in the middle of last year and my little boy starts in the middle of this year. You think you will have plenty of time for yourself when that happens but NO!! All of my time is spent running backwards and forwards between school and kindy, swimming, excursions!!!! I'm sure it will get better once that routine shows itself!! LOL You'll get there. Sometimes you need to overlook less pressing things housework!! LOL Absolutely love those layouts Nat. So glad you are playing along at TCR. Cheers B-)

ann said...

It is so hard...hang in there you will ajust.
At least he loves school and his teacher. He will now come home and share his wonderful day
Don't worry about house chores....they will wait till you are ready lol

Kim said...

tee hee we could be twins, It so hard being on the other side sometimes I think yep I will return to teaching sooner rather than later but then I think no I dont want to miss out on bringing up my boys, Addison goes three days a week to pre school and I am so trying to find new routine as well, best of luck ...Nat that first layout is a total knock out I SOOOOOOO love it!!!!!!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh Nat, I too can sooo relate, I will have this to go through next year when Nate goes to Prep, I am trying not to think about it actually, he is such an amazing part of life for me, he doesn't go to daycare so my days are filled with excitement when he tries new things, and I might take some head from this post and start preparing myself. Your layouts are just super stunning, I hope it has this effect of me...Love and hugs to you, Melx

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