Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have a little faith...

A little note to myself...have a little faith.

When it comes to the topic of this LO I had very very little. I was 99% positive that this was all going to end in tears...that Dam would come inside cursing and Noah would be inconsolable. I was SOOOO wrong!!!

Within 15mins of his training wheels being taken off and a helpful hand from Daddy, he was riding confidently on his own.

He still gets a little nervous when it comes to rounding the bottom of our cul-de-sac but he is doing really well and can't wait to show his best friend Jess when she comes to visit on Tuesday. She took her training wheels off about 6 months ago and he has been dying to catch up to

Now onto a completely unrelated topic.

I am a primary school teacher and I know that a lot of my scrappy friends out there are also teachers. I haven't been in a classroom since Noah was about 8mths (tried to go back and do casual but I hated being away from him :)) and it has been a while since I have opened teacher related catalogues from Dominie.

But for some reason I did today...

I was browsing the sticker catalogue when I saw these...

AGHHHHHHHH...does this make you see red!!!!!!

Here we are trying to teach our kids to spell and understand grammar and we are then going to reward them with stickers like this!!!

Some of you may be thinking....'jeez, what is her problem...' but I am sure some of you out there get where I am coming from.

If you receive a text message from me you will never see this kind of drives me crazy!!!

There is nothing worse than marking a child's writing and correcting these mistakes and others like...thanx....grrrrrrrrrr. The most frustrating thing is kids think that we have it all wrong...HAHAHA. I will never forget the student who argued the the above spelling of 'Thanks' with me.

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

As you can tell these will never be part of my teaching resources!!! :)

Well, I am off to hang out washing, buy a birthday present, go to a birthday party with the kids, entertain my in-laws and try to squeeze in a bit of scrapping!!! Busy, busy, busy.

Thanks (not thanx :)) for stopping by...and listening to my


patti west said...

First, I totally get where you're coming from with the "wrk" shortened text writing, Natalie. I'm not a teacher, but I've worked in education for 30+ years. This past summer, I advertised a house for rent and received several email inquiries. I couldn't believe how many people wrote to ask about the house using this text-like writing!! It made me not want to answer them.
Second, love your lo!! Your small touches, like the stapled heart, always draw me in. Love your cute photos and congrats to your son! :)

Belinda said...

Oh yes Natalie SO agree about the ridiculous and WRONG way of spelling things. I wish we could travel back in time so my kids could receive the same education I public school but everything was taught so well. Timestables were drummed into us until we knew them off by heart and we had to answer immediately or we couldn't go home(helped having a scary teacher with a big wooden yard ruler too!!) Anyway I absolutely love your layout and the subject. Not sure how long to leave the training wheels on our kids bikes. Cheers B-)

Anonymous said...

Yes Natalie I'm definitely on the same page as you. Being a teacher too could be part of it for sure. I also can not spell like that in text messages and also like to use punctuation in my 2 teenagers think that's crazy but it just goes against my grain leaving it out. I hate to say it though but I think we're fighting a losing battle:-( Want to know my current irritation above all others???....the use of "just sayin'".....ooohhhh I hate it! Maybe I'm just getting old lol.

Nadia Cannizzo said...

LOL...most definetely agree with you 100000% !! That is just ridiculous! I would never use those too. I dont know if you know this, but I am also a Primary School teacher here in Sydney. I had 2 years off after having my little one, then went back late last year God, I hated every moment being away from them, so now I am taking leave this year again. But in that 2 years I was off I saw a lot of changes and I have seen these stickers before. Just rubbish!!

Susanne Perry said...

Well done Noah, there'll be no stopping him now!!!
Glad our kids haven't brought home any of those stickers, I would not be happy. I do get lazy sometimes texting, just to keep the message short & sweet but can not stand bad spelling in general. Big, bad spelling Nazi here too, just ask Lily!

Cathy said...

Definitely agree with you on this subject Natalie... how crazy that these stickers are made for teachers to use!!! Fantastic LO... love the dimension you have created with the circles!! hugs :)

Kim said...

As a teacher( or should I say former teacher...) I totally totally agree with you Nat, what hope do we have really!! OOO I am totally loving the bike layout, I have some similar photos of Addison, you have motivated me to use them!

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