Thursday, January 6, 2011

26 days...

until my little man goes to school. I am SOOOOOOO not ready.
I think I am driving him a little nuts...I am constantly cuddling and kissing him and telling him how much I love him. He is a natural snuggler and loves affection but I think I am going Every time I go near him he rolls his eyes..hahaha. Poor kid...and he doesn't even realise how bad it is going to get. I will share a little secret with you.

I have been with my hubby for 15yrs...we met through friend at University. Dam was doing an economics degree and I was doing education/arts. During his final year he decided to get a job in an accountancy firm...even though he had no desire to be one :0... and I dropped him off on his very first day. I CRIED/HOWLED/SOBBED all the way home. Yep, I am not kidding. Everyone thinks it is highly amusing and with Noah just about to start school it has reared it ugly head again. I am so not good with change!!

So can you imagine me on his first day of I said...HE HAS NO IDEA!

Anyhoo, I have a few projects to share. I have only done one LO since Christmas as I am in the cardmaking mood.

My mum made Noah a 'Postman Pat' outfit and he loves to deliver handwritten notes to our neighbours...just too cute. See...this is the stuff that I am going to miss this year!!

She is so Daddy's little girl...and my last one for two and their cousin on Christmas morning. We had a big sleepover at my mum's house so the kids could wake up much fun. My BIL snapped this on his iphone and I just had to scrap it.

Not much else happening...just enjoying the quiet time at home.

Hope you are all well...thank you for the lovely comments.


Michelle said...

Hi Natalie

Great layouts!
You know, I got in to paper craft to do scrapbooking over a year ago now and do you know how many LOs I've done? None, zip, zilch! I made a card instead one day and that was that. I really must have a go at it one day before my boys leave home,lol.
I know exactly where you are coming from regarding your boy starting school. My youngest starts this year too and I am going to miss him terribly.

Michelle :-)

Susanne Perry said...

Certainly a massively big day coming up for you all!
Noah certainly makes one very cute little postman.

Melinda said...

Hi Natalie,
Gorgeous work...especially love the first one! Hope you cope okay with your little boy going to school...think I will be the same when my boys go to school. Take care xo

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Hi Natalie..
First of all thanks for dropping by my blog! I much appreciate your kind words.. daughter is 4.3yo..I have been stressing about her going to school in 2012 since she was about 1 years i understand 100& how you feel. I too cried when I left my hubby for work that first day as we also met 16 years ago (yep veryyyyy young!) so I know you must be an emotional person like me too! LOL. So please let us know how it all goes with the lead up to him going to school..
lastly...all these layouts are wonderful. They tell the story so well. I love your style!Keep it up!
Take care, Nadia!

Samantha Hauzer said...

Gorgeous layouts Natalie!

Cathy said...

Hi Natalie.. hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. It's been a while since my babies had their first day at school but I still remember how heart wrenching it was leaving them at school. I waited until I was in the car before bawling my eyes out... and I have to warn you when they have their last day at Primary School it's just as bad. Love all your fabulous LO's... such sweet photos!! :)

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