Monday, January 31, 2011

Nervous twitch..

I think I have

Noah starts school tomorrow morning and I am a wee bit anxious!!! I think I have developed a nervous twitch and as Abigail says "I need Doctor for a check up"

While he is having a bit of quiet time and Abi is at Pre-school I though I would pop in and share a few of my last projects for Jan. 2011!!

I didn't think I would get the time to play this month at White with 1 but DDDDDH (that stands for dear, dear, dear, dear, dear hubby :) ) took the kids up to his parents house for dinner on Friday afternoon so I had a good 6 hours to sit and play....ahhh, bliss!!!

So here is my take on this months WW1 challenge.

Next is a little birthday card that I made for a little friend of ours. I used a Meljens digital stamp...have I said how much I love these!!!

And that's all for now. I also played along at the Colour Room on Friday but I will share those next time.

Before I go I just want to bring to your attention some fun challenges to help you work you way through your stash. Megan Klauer is one of my fave scrappers and she undertook the 8 is enough challenge at Ella Publishing...I love her LO's and plan on doing this challenge as well. I love the idea of sticking to a limited number of products and not getting overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces that are spread over my desk :).

Next up are the CHA challenges taking place over at Studio Calico...lots of fun and another great way to work through your stash. I haven't even opened my January kit from them so this should get me

Hope you are all well and not too many tears are being shed over kiddies starting pre-school, primary and high school...or even University...:).

Bye for now...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss Forgetful...

That's me!!

I have a terrible short term memory and it doesn't matter how many things I put in place to help me remember things I will always miss something. Like taking the kids for a play date with a beautiful friend of mine and her two boys. Ooops!!! Got home from grocery shopping to find a message on the answering machine wondering where we were. Shocker!!!

If Dam rings me during the day to tell me something he will repeatedly tell me to write it down.

But I didn't forget to join in at Handmade by Suzanne this

This is my take on this months sketch. And I am so in love with tape atm....I want every colour...and every pattern...LOVE IT!!!!

Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Proud to be...

an Aussie!!

Happy Australia Day!!!

It is an absolute scorcher here today!!

We are inside with the AC on and the kids are beyond bored.
So far we have played hide and seek (1000 times), played dress ups and had morning tea...and it is only lunch time....aghhhhhh.

Thought I would quickly pop in and share my Jan. Kraft it up LO.

These photos were taken in September last year...we had a beautiful Friday of above average temperatures and my neighbour and myself took full advantage and went to the beach. We didn't actually expect the kids to go swimming...the water was freezing but they had so much fun.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A True Hybrid...

Twisted sketches time

Here is this weeks sketch...
My starting point for this card was the A2Z Scraplets chipboard piece. I knew I wanted vintage style butterflies sitting on the swirls and off I went to look for some.

I found these here....just what I was looking for!

I printed them out, covered the wings in glue and sprinkled glitter over them. Then came my total blonde moment...and I'm not I was shaking the glitter off and was in kind of a hurry so I blew it. There was already a pile of glitter on the piece of paper I was working put two and two together and work out what happened. Let's just say I was very sparkly for the rest of the

Then I went searching through my small selection of digital scrapping kits to try and find a suitable paper. Love the kits from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. The background paper is from this kit.

The postcard is also digital...just google vintage postcards and you will be amazed at what you find.

Tie it all together with a bit of crushed seam binding, print out your sentiment and you have a very hybrid card.

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post. Glad to know I am not the only one who feels that It took me quite some time to calm down about it yesterday...which seems ridiculous but that's just me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have a little faith...

A little note to myself...have a little faith.

When it comes to the topic of this LO I had very very little. I was 99% positive that this was all going to end in tears...that Dam would come inside cursing and Noah would be inconsolable. I was SOOOO wrong!!!

Within 15mins of his training wheels being taken off and a helpful hand from Daddy, he was riding confidently on his own.

He still gets a little nervous when it comes to rounding the bottom of our cul-de-sac but he is doing really well and can't wait to show his best friend Jess when she comes to visit on Tuesday. She took her training wheels off about 6 months ago and he has been dying to catch up to

Now onto a completely unrelated topic.

I am a primary school teacher and I know that a lot of my scrappy friends out there are also teachers. I haven't been in a classroom since Noah was about 8mths (tried to go back and do casual but I hated being away from him :)) and it has been a while since I have opened teacher related catalogues from Dominie.

But for some reason I did today...

I was browsing the sticker catalogue when I saw these...

AGHHHHHHHH...does this make you see red!!!!!!

Here we are trying to teach our kids to spell and understand grammar and we are then going to reward them with stickers like this!!!

Some of you may be thinking....'jeez, what is her problem...' but I am sure some of you out there get where I am coming from.

If you receive a text message from me you will never see this kind of drives me crazy!!!

There is nothing worse than marking a child's writing and correcting these mistakes and others like...thanx....grrrrrrrrrr. The most frustrating thing is kids think that we have it all wrong...HAHAHA. I will never forget the student who argued the the above spelling of 'Thanks' with me.

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

As you can tell these will never be part of my teaching resources!!! :)

Well, I am off to hang out washing, buy a birthday present, go to a birthday party with the kids, entertain my in-laws and try to squeeze in a bit of scrapping!!! Busy, busy, busy.

Thanks (not thanx :)) for stopping by...and listening to my

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laughed till I cried...

Do you know everything about your partner? I thought I did until just after Christmas last year...

As I said in a previous post hubby and I have been together for 15 years...a good amount of time to get to know someone, don't you think? :)


Here's the story:

Noah was given a large bucket of Lego for Christmas and once we got home from Newcastle and unpacked he and I sat down to start building a house. We got bored and moved onto another activity but left the Lego on his bedroom floor to come back to.

Later that day I walked past his room to find Damian sitting in there building what I could only describe as an architecturally designed house!! Lets just say it made my four walls look very very I was amazed at what he had built and he explained that he loved Lego as a kid.

Now stories from Dam's childhood are few and far between so I listened intently to his story.

He had such a love and skill for Lego building that at the age of 6 he made it all the way to a grand final. Most of the other kids who made it were around 12 years old and he was competing against them.

Apparently he just sat there and waved at everyone...didn't build a thing. Now this is where I laughed until I cried. My husband grew up as the youngest of two sons in a family where second place just wasn't tolerated!!! I had this mental picture of my hubby as a young boy sitting in the competition surrounded by Lego with a happy little grin on his face as he waved to all his fans....his Dad, in my mental picture, was standing on the sidelines having an absolute meltdown over Dam's lack of interest in beating the other kids. Picture those parents at weekend sporting events screaming at their kids to kill the opposition!! Got it...yep, that is Dam's dad!!!

You have to know him to understand why I found this so funny but I could not stop laughing.

The house that he built sat in Noah's room until about 2 days ago we we decided to build something different and every time I looked at it I would start all over again.

So, of course, I had to scrap it....

This is for the months sketch at Scrap with V...go on over and join in.

Thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Come on girls...

Go check it out!!
I am pushing aside all other commitments and projects to help out!!
Can you?
Help get the message out there by sharing this on your blog.

Monday, January 10, 2011

You leave me no choice... comes the smolder! it.

Noah and I went and saw this movie today...I loved it and he has talked about it all afternoon. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. It is so beautifully made and a lovely story.

But that is not my reason for posting today....I have a twisted card to share.

Here is the sketch with the twist of that is my kind of twist ;).And here is my take on it...

Thank you for you lovely comments on the blog hop....remember that you have until the 15th January to hop all the way around and go into the draw for one of 3 great prizes.

Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hop around...

Happy New Year and welcome to the First Scrap With V Blog Hop and welcome to my blog!!!

You should have arrived to my blog from Kim's blog, if that is not where you arrived from, then please join us at Scrap with V to start the hop from the beginning so you don't miss a thing! You must be a follower of Scrap with V, visit all the blogs, and comment and become a follower in order to be entered to win one of the three random prise draws!

Show us a layout/creation you have done based on the theme New Beginnings, put it on your blog and link it to the comments in the Scrap with V post and go into the Grand Prize Draw!

Here is my creation based on the New Beginnings Theme.

I am so in the cardmaking mood atm so I thought I would do just that for the blog hop!!!

I loved this image the minute I saw it...gotta love Google :). Aren't the colours just gorgeous!!!

Happy New Year to you all and have a wonderful year of scrapping ahead!

Now you are heading over to Winnie's blog

If you get lost along the way, just return to Scrap with V and find where you are up to.

The fun begins at 6pm tonight...see you then :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink and Grey

is such a pretty colour when my SWV kit arrived last month with some of the beautiful MME papers I couldn't wait to dive in and get started!!!

It also got me to do something I rarely do...scrap about my hubby!!

Here are the two LO's I made with the kit...which is available for purchase here.

While you are there don't forget to check out all the gorgeous page and card kits and browse the blog for some beautiful inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

26 days...

until my little man goes to school. I am SOOOOOOO not ready.
I think I am driving him a little nuts...I am constantly cuddling and kissing him and telling him how much I love him. He is a natural snuggler and loves affection but I think I am going Every time I go near him he rolls his eyes..hahaha. Poor kid...and he doesn't even realise how bad it is going to get. I will share a little secret with you.

I have been with my hubby for 15yrs...we met through friend at University. Dam was doing an economics degree and I was doing education/arts. During his final year he decided to get a job in an accountancy firm...even though he had no desire to be one :0... and I dropped him off on his very first day. I CRIED/HOWLED/SOBBED all the way home. Yep, I am not kidding. Everyone thinks it is highly amusing and with Noah just about to start school it has reared it ugly head again. I am so not good with change!!

So can you imagine me on his first day of I said...HE HAS NO IDEA!

Anyhoo, I have a few projects to share. I have only done one LO since Christmas as I am in the cardmaking mood.

My mum made Noah a 'Postman Pat' outfit and he loves to deliver handwritten notes to our neighbours...just too cute. See...this is the stuff that I am going to miss this year!!

She is so Daddy's little girl...and my last one for two and their cousin on Christmas morning. We had a big sleepover at my mum's house so the kids could wake up much fun. My BIL snapped this on his iphone and I just had to scrap it.

Not much else happening...just enjoying the quiet time at home.

Hope you are all well...thank you for the lovely comments.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

Hope you all celebrated in style. We headed to Damian's brothers house where the kids enjoyed swimming all afternoon and an evening filled with junk food, sparklers, junk food, fireworks, junk food, hanging out with all their cousins (from both sides of our family :)), oh and did I mention junk food?!?!? It was great...and HOT!!!

So the year that from my scrap room :D

here is my top ten...

I chose these for a variety of reasons...from the design to the story that they tell.

2011 has a lot in store for us...and I can't wait to get started.

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