Friday, December 16, 2011

We made it...

Today marks the last day of my 'big' mans kindergarten adventure (prep for people outside of NSW :)). We have spent the morning at a local indoor play centre where all kindergarten children got to run themselves ragged while the parents got to reminisce and drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. It was a great way to end an absolutely fantastic year. He loved every minute of school and his final report has made his Mummy and Daddy very proud.

So, where have I been? There are just too many details but it has involved a lot of sickness (mainly me) and a couple of bad backs (both DH and I...but mine resulted in laying flat for almost two weeks...not fun:().

I kept crafting away and my cards have sold exceptionally well. My cards are currently for sale here and here. I am also selling through a local cafe :). Nice little way to pay for more paper goodies so DH is no longer crying over the credit card bill...hehehe.

I will quickly share a few of my Christmas creations and then I am off to chill on the lounge with my two munchkins and watch a few Chrissy movies :). I will return to normal blogging in the new year.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Case Study #55

Julie Lacey...if you haven't seen this girl's work than you need to go and take a look!!! I love her cards. I love her untouched black and white images that are perfectly complimented with beautiful colours, patterns and shapes...did I mention already that I love her cards?!?!

So when I discovered that she was the September Case Study muse I pulled out all the wonderful digital images that I have and got busy...four cards kinda busy :).

Here is the card that I am submitting for this challenge...

Thanks for stopping by...I am off to do the grocery shopping...groan!!

Hope you are all well...thanks again for the lovely comments.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has sprung...

...but I really shouldn't say that too loud!!! Spring has a reputation as being a real tease!!!

I spent today on my own...a very strange way to spend Thursdays...but I am not complaining. My littlest went and had a day with her Nan...something she doesn't get to do much now that Mr N. is in school.

I got to go to the hairdressers for the first time in too long and play with my paper and glue...ahhh, bliss!!

I played along over at Annabelle Stamps with this awesome sketch...

I pulled out my Echo Park Victoria Gardens paper pad...such beautiful colours!! The handmade flower was made using this quick and easy tutorial.

Hope you all had a lovely day!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I was thinking...

...that life might slow down!!! Apparently, I was wrong. The first 5 weeks of term 3 for Noah was crazy!! With a capital C!!!

He starred in his very first school production...he was a clown darn cute.
He had Book Week and he decided to go as Fireman Sam. A few days before the big parade he changed his mind to one of the characters from the Octonauts...I think the pirate cat?. Ummmm...I informed him that it was a little to late for a costume So Fireman Sam went off to school that day as planned :).

Oh, and more birthday about a social life...hehehe. I pretty confident that the one last week may be it until Noah turns 6 in December...but who

A few more cards to share...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ummm...Long time, no see :)

Crazy, crazy, crazy...sums up the last month of my life.

To quickly summarize:
  • Hubby feel in shower at work after gym session, rammed his finger into his eye and torn his cornea
  • 5 day hospital stay to repair cornea (which was a transplant cornea from 15yrs ago)
  • Lots of trips back to Sydney to continually check his eye...we are hoping that it doesn't reject!
  • At the same time it was school holidays...poor Noah didn't get the most exciting break :(
  • Birthday parties
  • Back to school
  • Hubby finally back to work is very very quiet around here
  • Still making cards....however, I have done a LO. I just can't share it yet :)
So how about a few cards...

Hope you are all well.
Will hop around shortly to see what you have been up too :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank Goodness...

my hubby isn't travelling for work this week!! This ash cloud business is just crazy. Hope not too many of you are affected by this.

More cards?...yep, how did you

But after visiting blogs such as Kim, Belinda, Cathy, Rachel and a many others I actually started editing some photos late this's hoping it leads to a LO :).

So back to the cards...

This week at the Studio we got to use this sketch...My son started Kindergarten this year and that means CONSTANT birthday parties!! I have had to spread my wings in the cardmaking department and try my hand at cards that will appeal to five year old boys...not middle aged women :). This card was for a little boy who had a reptile party on the weekend...YUCK. Most of you wouldn't know that I just can't handle snakes or lizards. Spiders don't worry me but snakes and lizards....I am getting the shivers just writing about it...LOATH them :). I spent most of the party out on the veranda while the kids ohhhed, ahhhed and screamed inside :).

ETA..forgot to mention that I used this weeks colour combo at Annabelle stamps for this card...

Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Good ol' days....

I remember when these little goodies first came on the market. I remember asking mum for canteen (tuck shop) money to get
ahhhh, yum :).

The current challenge over at Lollipop Ladies is to create using this gooey goodness as inspiration. Here is my little creation...

Loved the colour fresh and fun.

I also used the sketch over at Card Patterns for this card.

A few more cards to share with you tonight and then I am off to lose myself in a book...perfect weather to put on the pj's, make a cuppa of tea and curl up with a good book.

If you get a chance pop over to Aussie cards for Sale...Alicia is having an end of financial year sale...go and grab a beautiful handmade card for an awesome price!!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back on top...

What a crazy few weeks. The flu well and truly took hold of my little family but we are all feeling so much better now...well, everyone except DH. But we all know how deadly the dreaded 'man flu' is. What always cracks me up is when he says 'I just don't know where I picked it up from!"....Ummm, HELLO!!! We have all had

So the last few days I got back into my crazy cardmaking mood again...not sure when my scrapping mojo plans to show it's face around here. I haven't done a page since the beginning of April!!!

So last week I played along at Colour Q...

And last night when the kids were tucked up in bed, hubby was in Brisbane and gale force winds blew outside, I played along at Card Patterns...

I have a few others on my desk that I will finish tonight as Hubby will be planted in front of the telly to watch the State Of Origin...BORING!!!

Well, I off to vacuum and mop the floors and then Miss A wants her fingernails painted...ah, good times :).

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shades of blue...

I couldn't seem to stop...I loved this colour combo so much that I made four cards...yep, four.

Like I said I just couldn't seem to stop and the only reason I eventually had to call it quits is because I ran out of the yellow gingham paper from

This was the third one I made...but my overall fave of the batch :).

Will share the others soon when I get the photographed.

Kids are tucked up in bed, hubby is in flight on his way home from Brisbane...will be so good to see him and have him around the house for a couple of days...and I am going to see if I can crank out any more craftiness.

Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray... is my mummy's birthday today!!! We had my mum, great aunty, my sister and her family over on Saturday night for a delicious meal of Thai and then yummy birthday cake. Each year my sister and I take it in turns to make her cake and there is a bit of an underlying competition between us. For mum's 60th my sister made this...

she bought the flowers but did the rest...pretty good, huh?

So this year I did this...
(photo source)

oh yeah!!! It took me all day Saturday and the kids didn't get the help much...I was in Control Freak mode about this cake...hahaha. Plus they had more fun helping Daddy wash the cars :).

It was so good...none left now!!! I made a fluffy meringue frosting and in between each layer I spread a thin layer of raspberry jam....delicious, I tell ya.

So lets see what my sister comes up with next year...hehehe.

Moving onto crafty news...

Still card making like crazy...I really want to scrap because I am getting so far behind ( I was up to date) but I just have no mojo in that area.

Yesterday marked my last day as a Twisted Sister over a Twisted sketches...had a great time on this team. Anam makes the most wonderful sketches...make sure you pop over to have a look.

Here is the last sketch we worked with...

the twist this week is Summer and here is my take on it...

Thanks again Anam...I had a wonderful time on the team.

Thanks for stopping by....hope it is nice and dry where you are because I swear if we have anymore rain our house will start to is insane here atm.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

friends till the end...

I consider myself pretty darn lucky to have made some beautiful friends since we moved here.

So this one is for know who you are :)

I used the colour palette from Colour Q...what is it with yellow and red atm? Normally I would avoid a colour combo like this but the minute I saw it I got creating....hmmmm? Love those socks, too...very cute.

Still cold in the land of Oz today...and to top it off Noah and I have colds...grrrr. On the bright side Hubby will be home this arvo after a week away for work. Does anyone else get a little annoyed when Hubby rings to tell them that they scored the penthouse room...with a spa...while you are at home with two sick kids? Oh well, he deserves it. He works so hard for us and is extremely talented at what his does...but

Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoy everyday...

even when it is bitterly cold, blowing a gale and you have housework to do :).

Enjoy just goes so fast.

I was watching my little kindergarten man do his homework tonight and realised that his has inherited his Daddy's knack for numbers...HALLAELUJAH, I say!!! Math is so not my strong I also realised that his first year of school is flying by...didn't he just start a few weeks ago?!?!?!

He is doing so well...learns his sight words each week, loves to practice writing them (with no pushing from me...he just thinks it is fun...YAY), and loves to read his home readers each night. He loves school, his teacher and has made some wonderful little friends. There are 7 boys in his class and they have all bonded really well!!

Hubby has been away this week so I have been crafting away once the kids are in bed...nice but a little bit too quiet :).

So I played along at CR84FN again...loved this colour scheme.

Love a bit of purple :).

Thanks for stopping by...

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