Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top of my Christmas shopping list...

is Children's panadol....nope, I am not kidding :).

You see every public holiday when doctor surgeries and chemists are locked up tight you can guarantee that my kids will come down with something!! Last year we had Noah in the ER at 3am on Christmas morning with a mild dose of croup and in the last two days I have had both of them at the doctors with high temps and sore throats. Just a viral infection!!! Can I get that printed on a t-shirt? I am glad my doctors bulk bill for kids otherwise that statement probably would have landed me in some serious trouble by

So yes, I am a little nervous heading into the holiday...and went and stocked up on the wonderful strawberry/vanilla flavoured syrup tonight :).

I have finished off a few cards in the last few family get annoyed when I hand them a store bought card because I have sent the rest out to friends so I thought I better get my act into gear this year.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the previous post and if you don't pop in again before Christmas then I wish you a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter!!


Susanne Perry said...

Where's mine? Missing my lovely "Nat original" for this! Such a bummer your little guys are sick again at this time of the year, will definitely catch up in the new year. Have a very Merry Christmas, get healthy & stay healthy. Lots of love, Susanne xx

Belinda said...

Oh no I forgot to give you my postal address!!! LOL They are seriously good xmas cards Nat. Your family are going to love them. What a bummer your kids are sick for christmas. I think our doctors are related!! I get the viral infection thing all the time too. "Nothing we can do for that. Come back if they get worse". Very frustrating. Hope the poor little things get better soon. I'm sure Santa's visit will make them feel a little better!! Have a great christmas!

Kim said...

these are simply stunningly breathtakingly AWESOME Nat, hope the llittel ones are ok over the Chrissy period and I wish you the most merriest of Christmas's too!

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