Tuesday, December 7, 2010

busy, busy, busy...

I love Christmas but I am so not a fan of the weeks leading up to it....everything and everywhere is pure madness!!! Even a quick trip to the shops turns into a half day affair...I am going a little nutty atm...lol.

I few bits and pieces to share and then I am off to clean the bedroom fans and finish putting up the Christmas decorations. The kidlets are at pre-school today and I have to say that I am enjoying the peace and quiet!!!

Daddy and his girl when we were on holidays in October...I just love these photos I quickly snapped of them.

This photo is also from our holiday. It wasn't exactly swimming weather but what is a beach holiday without a dip in the ocean. Afterwards they would lay on the cement around the ocean bath to get warm again. Mummy was the only sensible one...lol.

Now don't laugh but I have one last thing to share...

I know, I know...statistics show that this will probably not get finished and I wasn't even going to attempt it this year but I sat down the other night and started putting it together and so far I am up to date. Posting this may jinx me...hehehe...but I am determined to complete it. I think it may also help that I love how I have put it together this year and look forward every couple of days to sit down and put the entries in. Plus I am also remembering to take photos each day...no matter how boring or crazy our day may be!!! Wish me luck!

I would love to see how other people are putting theirs together...so leave me a link.

Hope you are all well and the crazy season is treating you well.


Kim said...

OH I sooooooo adore that soaking up the sun layout, the simplicity the misting that photo that flower EVERYTHING, best of luck keeping on track

Cathy said...

2 wonderful LO's Natalie!! Love the look of your Christmas journal... might have to try this next year.

aussiescrapper said...

Both layouts are stunning Natalie, and I totally agree, the lead up to Christmas is just so hectic. I love the idea of the Christmas book and like Cathy will probably plan one for next year. How nice to look back on those hectic days before Chrissy. Melxx

Belinda said...

Beautiful work Nat...especially love that banner and your paper choice on the double. See you at the cyber crop on friday!! B-)

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