Sunday, November 28, 2010

Straight to the point...

this morning!!! No time to muck around as we are off to see Santa. The kids are super excited and can't wait to give him their very long lists...hehehe. I didn't think Abi would be up to the task this year...she still seems a too little but last night she asked where Santa was and when would he come to 'my house'. It was so cute. She then went on to tell me that she wanted new glasses (sunglasses :)) and a new hat...need to add them to her

I did say straight to the point, didn't I? :)

This weeks sketch at Twisted...

The twist this week is 'layers.'

Thanks for stopping by....hope you are all having a great weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

All that sparkles...

I am on a little high atm...and not from getting too carried away with

I don't write much on here about my personal life...I learnt from previous blog attempts to 'keep it simple' and just use this technology for my papercraft.

So most of you don't know that my son has to wear a patch on his eye atm. It is to strengthen his very weak left eye. It started back in May when we were given a patch that slides over the arm of his glasses and covers one lens. It had a pirate ship on it and for a little while he thought it was pretty cool. The only problem was that even with his glasses on it made it extremely difficult for him to see...that is how bad his left eye is. So during the day I would catch him with his glasses sitting on the end of his nose and looking over the top of them.

At his next appointment it was easy to see that it had not helped his eye and that he would have to wear a permanent patch to see it any improvement could be made. My heart sunk on that day. None of us want our kids to be the ones who stand out, who appear different or even ridiculed. He took it in his stride and we went to purchase the new patches that would stick over his eye.

I am so proud of my little man. He gets a little upset in the mornings when we put it on...especially now that it is getting hot as it gets hot and itchy under that sticky material. But he puts he shoulders back, accepts that it is to help him see better and off he goes about his day. It is weird to see him without it now and so when a lady approached me the other day I was a little confused about what she was saying.

We were leaving the shopping centre on Monday afternoon. Noah was holding my mum's hand as we headed into the car park and I had stopped to argue with Abigail about why she had to hold my hand. The lady walked past us and then stopped, turned around and held out her hand. At first I thought I must have dropped something so I automatically held my hand out. She dropped two one dollar coins into my hand and told me to give them to my son for wearing his patch.

I had a sick feeling in my stomach and I had to bite my tongue before I snapped at her to not pity him. I held the money back out to her and said that I couldn't take her money and she went on to explain that her son also had to wear a patch for eight years and everyday was an absolute nightmare and he rarely wore it. She want to give Noah a reward for being so good about wearing it and a little encouragement to continue to to so. Again I told her that while it was very kind I couldn't take her money. She just smiled, waved and continued on her way.

By the time I caught up with Noah and Mum and told them what had happened my heart was so full of happiness and hope. There are still good and kind people out there. Some days it is hard to remember this as I seem to run into more rude people than not!!

Noah's face lit up like a Christmas tree and he held on tight to that money for the rest of the day until he got home to put it in his money box.

So I still believe and know that by teaching my children to be kind, polite and gracious is the right thing to do because as silly as it sounds I have questioned that a lot. Some days I feel that I am not preparing them for the real world and that they are going to get walked all over ...but that one little act of kindness and thoughtfulness has filled me so much more hope!

Thank you for letting me share!!

Now onto crafty stuff...HO HO HO

Can't you feel it in the air...I love LOVE LOVE this time of year!!!

I love dragging out my glitters at this time of year!! Nothing says Christmas more than sparkly stuff...hehehe.

This is for the current challenge over at Meljens Designs...the holly is a freebie and can be found here.

And how about a LO as's been a while and this a bit of an oldie :)

Thanks for stopping by...and reading my long long long post :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's oh so quiet... I thought I should pop in for a quick share because my weekend is going to get CRAZY!!!...but a good crazy with a little time for just Hubby and myself thrown in....yay!!

Did this some time baby girl on her last day in the baby class at swimming. I am not quite sure who was more upset...

Abi? Nah, she couldn't wait to be in a 'big' class like her brother 'Roah.'

Nessa?...her swimming teacher? Nope, I am pretty sure she got a few grey hairs with my Miss A in her class.

Daddy?....oh yeah!!! When his time ended with Noah he knew he still got to share the experience with Abi but this was more Saturday morning swimming with Daddy for anyone. I felt so sorry for him on this day.

I was a little worried about her going up to the next level as she can be a little clingy and once she is in a pattern it is best not to change So different to her 'go with the flow' brother!!!
But she loves it and is bursting with excitement as we drive to the pool every Thursday morning. Her new teacher is perfect for her...doesn't put up with crap...hehehe...and she puts everything into it. It is so fun to watch her learn and have fun at the same time!!!

Well, I am going to try and get a little scrapping done...won't be sitting here for a few days after tonight...but I am not complaining!!!

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh the places...

you can play with paper is just amazing. Every time I do a little surfing I seem to stumble across a new challenge site...and I am loving it!!!

I never used to be a challenge junkie...I used to complete my DT assignments and then relish in the 'just for me' time with my paper and glue. These days I find myself needing to be pushed that little bit more...maybe it is because I have such little time to create that I like to make sure I find something that is going to keep me focused and centred...I am a great procrastinator :).

So when I found the Lollipop Ladies through the wonderful Cathy Cufun's blog I got a little excited. Nothing speaks to me more than
I said last post that I am having a lot of fun with digital stamps and some of the cutest ones I have found are from Meljen's Designs. There was a 50% off sale last week and I am pretty sure I bought up the whole Must remember to hide that credit card bill...hehehe. But even better is that she gives away a freebie every Monday...check them out here. Soooooo...I knew that this
weeks challenge would go perfectly with the cutest little soda.

I was once asked by a fellow papercrafter how I can make cards without stamping. Most of you know that I am NOT a stamper...but like any good papercrafter have a couple of draws filled with them....blush....hehehe. But you don't need to be a stamper to make cards. All of this was done using my computer...even the sentiment on the tag was done in a Word document, printed out and trimmed into a tag. I love that there is very little room for error in my method :) smudging, no ink disasters, no wastage...just quick and easy fun!!

Thanks for stopping by...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Your listening to...

There is a new sketch up at Scrap with V...

and here is my take on it...

My little radio DJ...tee hee. This is his new game to play and it is so cute to listen to. He even has special guests...aka. Daddy and Abigail :). I know I have said it a hundred times before but I love nothing more than watching his imagination take him places. Most days we have magical adventures and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lets twist again...

That time of the week again...

I am in such a card mood atm...haven't done a LO for sometime now as I just can't stop making cards. Plus I found a new love...digi stamps!! Oh my, I am having so much fun with images mostly from here...they are just too cute and perfect for paper piecing!!

So this weeks sketch at Twisted Sketches was right up my could take it in so many different directions...but don't forget to use the twist...which is 'brad' this week.

Here is the sketch...
and here is my take on it...

Did you ever read this story as a child? Little Ballerina by Dorothy Grider. It was published in 1958 and my sister had a later release of the book when we were kids. If I took the time to hunt around at mum's I could probably find it and I really want to read it to Abi. I had no desire to be a ballerina as a kid...I am not a dancer at I loved this story and the illustrations were just stunning. So when I found this image you could imagine my excitement!! I knew it would be perfect for this sketch.

Well, I have bathrooms to clean and a quiche to make as the in laws are coming down for lunch...oh yay...note the sarcasm...hehehe.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend...we are in the low 30's and I am loving it!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

sweet and juicy...

I loved this weeks card sketch over at Twisted Sketches. It is my week off but I just had to play with this sketch. Had this idea swimming in my head from the minute I saw it and teamed it with this weeks palette at The Colour Room.

Here is this weeks colour palette...

These colours remind me of summer....sunny days, juicy watermelon and Christmas cherries!!

Go and check out both sites for some awesome inspiration!!

As for my letter to Summer... well, things are starting to improve. A bit warmer today and we might...just might...reach a lovely 30degrees by Friday. Fingers crossed :).

Thanks for stopping by and all your lovely comments. I love reading them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Summer...

I am writing to you today in hopes that it may drag you from your slumber. As much as I can appreciate a good sleep in, I feel that you have gone to far. It is now the beginning of November and I can count on one hand the number of warm days we have had!

To be perfectly honest, I have had ENOUGH.

I am not a Winter girl...I want to spend my days in shorts and thongs (or flip flops if you must ;). I want to actually go to the beach with my kids...I know, I know...shock, gasp and the rest of it...but it is true. This pattern of warmish day resulting in a thunder storm that brings with it a southerly change followed by two wet and miserably cold days has got to stop. I can't take it anymore.

I have completed the first White with 1 challenge thinking that it will appeal to your 'sunnier' side!!

Doesn't that make you want to get out of bed and get cracking?!?!

What if I add a little close up of a very sunny flower... it's handmade, mind you :).

No...well that's OK. I have something else to sweeten the deal...

How about this weeks Colour Challenge at Embellish.

Now doesn't that make you feel happier and SUNNIER?!?!

I really don't want admit that begging isn't beneath me and I will go that far if I have to.

So please find it in your heart to drag your sorry arse...oops, sorry about that :) out of bed and start heating this place up. I would rather you do it than my heater!!

Kind regards,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a case of burgundy...

Got a bit card creative this week and played along with the challenges at Case Study and The Play Date Cafe.

I love digging through my scrap basket to make cards...even the teeny tiny bits can come in handy. ...oh and more news print making these. It is actually a digi paper that I print of my favourite pieces of paper.

Go and check out the two sites above if you enjoy making cards...there is some amazing inspiration out there.

Off to make Banana Smoothies with the kids...yummo.

Thanks for stopping by.... cheers :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

there she goes...

Still coming to terms with my baby girl at Pre-school. She is enjoying her one day a week but by the time I pick her up she is more than ready to come home!!! I get the most amazing cuddles as I walk through the it!!

Here she is on her first how her big brother opened the door for her and welcomed her to kindy.

Not sure about the finished product here...I think my choice of colours is what is putting me off...but my motto is 'once it's done, it's done!!' :).

I based it one this sketch at Creative Scrappers.

I am now off to finish folding the washing, give the kids a bath and throw a frittata & salad together for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers :)
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