Friday, October 1, 2010


A few of you have asked how I polarized my photos and the answer is so easy!!!

I used this program here...Polaroin.

There are others but I find this one the best.

Poladroid is one.

I love the effect and it brings back sweet memories for me. My Pa had one of the original cameras when I was a kid...would love to know what happened to it. Possibly got tossed out as it was do doubt considered old technology...oh, what I would do to get my hands on it. My sister and I used to love watching the photo roll about instant

Today I am once again running around like a mad woman...we have one crazy fun filled long weekend coming up and Dam is on holidays for two weeks...YAY!!! So I am off to tidy the house, get organised, do some alphabet activities with the kids...this weeks letter is Dd :), drink more coffee and hopefully finish off with some scrapping later tonight...fingers crossed.

Hope you are all well and have a fantastic weekend.


Belinda said...

WOW Nat Those photos look awesome. I think I must give that a go. Thanks for sharing!! B-)

aussiescrapper said...

Thanks for letting us know Nat, gorgeous the way they turn out and like you, brings back memories for me too. Enjoy your planned night. Melxx

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