Monday, October 25, 2010

Distraction and Procrastination...

I suffer from these badly...hehehe. Right now I should be dusting and them moving on to vacuuming and mopping.

I never turn the computer on on a Monday morning but for some reason I am sitting here with my morning cuppa checking out what every one has been up to over the weekend and perhaps I am a little excited to share that I got to scrap yesterday...what was that? Scrapping during the day...on a weekend...surely not!!! Oh yeah, and I worked it perfectly...hehehe.

Dear hubby says I am devious and I guess he is kinda right....blush. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...and if that means letting your hubby have the most wonderful and longest sleep in he has had since we had children in order to then bribe him for an afternoon of scrapping...well, then this girl is devious... (insert evil cackle :D).

So I spent a glorious rainy Sunday afternoon doing this...

Miss A in one of her many 'costume changes'...she changes her clothes at least 6 times a day and it drives me insane! Not only does she triple my washing and ironing piles but her room by the end of the day looks like a bomb went off. I tried to stop her but it seems to be what she loves to do...Noah plays cars and trucks and Abigail plays dress ups with her everyday clothes. I loved her shoes and socks in this get up and the fact that her nappy was hanging out the back...crack me up.

Well, that is enough for now...really need to get the house clean.

Hope you are all well. Thanks again for your lovely comments!


PS. That punch below arrived this morning....YAY!!!


Irma said...

Ha Ha!!! I feel better I'm not the only one behind my housework. Over the years, I've developed a higher tolerance for a messy home. Funny thing is, I love buyig cleaning products, but I detest cleaning :D
Saw this awesome LO at of my favorites by far!!!
I'd love to keep tabs on your blog, but how do I follow?

Belinda said...

So sweet and beautiful and I LOVE those butterflies Nat....and yes I think I know the meaning of those two words!!! LOL B-)

aussiescrapper said...

I tend to agree, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, and so glad you got that arvo to scrap this amazing gorgeous layout, the pics make me laugh too, the nap at the back just finishes off this divine layout. lol re: the washing and ironing pile, as if there is not enough already hey....just love these gorgeous memories. Melxx

Anonymous said...

Awwww those photos are so cute, and i love your take on the color room :)

Kim said...

Hubby says it would work for him LOL, Gorgeousness as always Nat, lovin that string element down the bottom and your text butterflies, not 100% sure where I got the doily but I think from a friend, I will email her and let yow know, as she gets a lot of things on line

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