Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Father's Day

has come and gone for another year and we spoiled him rotten.

The kids and I painted our own wrapping paper and I quickly made some tags before leaving for Newcastle for the weekend.

It was also my sisters birthday on Saturday so we had a weekend filled with family and yummy food...oh, and a trip to the in-laws...yuck :D.

Hope you all had a wonderful day with your families.

Thanks for stopping by.


Kim said...

simplicity at its best Nat!

aussiescrapper said...

How cute is that gorgeous wrapping paper, and I am so glad you had a nice trip to Newcastle, my thoughts were with you this father's day dear friend. Love to you always. Melxx

Susanne Perry said...

How great do those pressies look! You definitely were in my thoughts over the weekend too & it is high time we had a catch up. Sometime next week, if you've got some free time, this time we're the ones who have been sick!

Cindy Lee said...

Such lovely packages! Love the tags!

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