Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The pages...

are for the kids but the creative process is for me...and my sanity :).

I have always done something crafty. Before and during my pregnancy with Noah I was majorly into jewelery making...still have a cupboard filled with beads. I used to spend my spare time as a kid doing something creative. I remember getting sent to my room once and while I should have been working on a sweet apology I pulled out some paints and sat on the floor and made butterfly after butterfly...remember how you would fill the centre of a piece of paper with different coloured paints, fold in half and then open to discover a new and wonderful surprise with each piece of paper? Mum wasn't at all pleased when she walked in...hehehe. Anyhoo, I digress...:)

The creative process is for me and I have no dramas putting flowers on Noah's pages or making them slightly girly. Before I had Abi I needed to do it for me or otherwise I would have quickly lost interest in the craft.

So this months Scrap the Boys challenge was no real challenge for me...use flowers.

These photos are from last year...he loves craft just as much as I do. He made this crown all on his own...cutting here, gluing there and he was so proud to wear it around!

Speaking of getting crafty we are just about to dive into another crown making exercise. Noah loves the show Mister Maker on ABCkids and when this was made the other morning he begged to make one. The shape is cut out and we are just about ready to cover it in foil...we took a slight break for lunch and it seems I have gotten

Hope you are all having a good week. I can almost smell Spring in the air....YAY!!!

Hugs xx


Kim said...

Addison loves mister maker too....SO FREAKIN awesome with your banner Nat!!!!!

Samantha said...

Love your layout Nat, that flower banner is fab! Have fun making the crown, my little guy used to be so into craft a few years ago, but he wouldn't dream of doing anything crafty these days :(

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