Monday, August 23, 2010

Continental Wrap up...

I loved this kit and mainly because it contained this piece of paper...

'sigh'...yummo!!! I could probably manage another couple of LO's out of this gorgeous bundle of goodness but I think it is time to wrap it up and move on.

Here are the last two pages i created using this kit.

and check out my baby boy with his best friend Jess. When they are playing at our house Jess is usually quick to complain that we don't have many girl dress up clothes...looks like she got back at Noah by making him wear When her mum gave me this photo I couldn't stop laughing and no doubt it will get pulled out for the 18th and 21st birthdays...hehehe.

I am finding that I am pretty behind in my scrapping and I like the fact that I am usually up to date. But with weeks of sickness...I was down again last week with some weird stomach flu...scrapping has been the furthest thing from my mind. Dear Hubby is a bit perplexed by the person who has been sitting on the lounge with him lately instead of retreating to her scrap

So to get back into the swing of things I am joining a bootcamp....Blue Bazaars Bootcamp that is.
Thrifty 50 - 50 photos, 50 sheets of patterned paper, 50 pagemaps!!! My first lot of sketches has arrived and the inspiration is already flowing!!! I even scrapped in front of the TV last night...what the? More strange looks from the hubby.

Well, I am off to bed. Thank goodness for spell check because I can barely keep my eyes open to type this :).

Hope you are all well. Hugs.


aussiescrapper said...

I am sorry to hear you have been down with the flu, we have also had a bout for the last 2 weeks, cannot shake it, thankfully it has slowed me but not completely I can so understand the confusion of Dam's face with this strange woman sitting with him on the couch. lol. I so hope you are feeling better soon, if this helps, I actually went to the Dr. so antibiotics for me but he gave them to Nate (go figure) anyway I went to the chemist 2 days ago, sick of codral etc and she recommended this "Sudafed PE (non drowsy" sunus+ tablets" and I have to tell you, although I don't feel it was sinus, it has worked a treat for me. I hope this helps, and I just had to laugh at your gorgeous boy in his outfit, their is going to be some super funny collages up for these kid's 21st's. lol. They will all think what cults their mum's were involved in when they were younger. lol. Hope you feel better soon. love Melxx

Kim said...

I Love the tags on the layout and the design is super fabulous...hope you feel better soon Nat

Angela said...

Haha love Mel's comment about the cults!! My kids already think I am in a cult!! Also had a laugh about sitting on the couch too! My dh would think that I am sick If I sat on the couch! Lol great photo for the 21st too

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