Monday, July 12, 2010

Unfinished business...

I have a shelf in my paper storage unit that is dedicated to unfinished LO's. They are there for a variety for reasons but most because I just couldn't make them work and put them aside for a short period before I took to them with a pair of scissors. :D.

The other night I pulled a few out with the plan of completing them before starting any new ones. This one is so different to how it originally started out and I am so glad I finally have it done. This photo was taken in November last year on a special day for my family. Dad's ashes had been placed at the Crem. and we made a day of it. We went to see his final resting place, released balloons with messages for him and then went on a picnic to one of his favourite places in the Hunter Valley. My Mum snapped this photo of my DH, sister and BIL with the kids on their shoulders as we wandered back from the river to our picnic spot.

We all had a good laugh over this photo and when I said it looked like a camel train I got three very disgruntled

The next LO that I attempted was with this photo...

...but with a not so pleasing result. I should have probably left it for another time because it was an absolute disaster :)....and not for public

Better luck next time, I hope.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments...I love reading them.

Hugs xx


aussiescrapper said...

I am not sure if you would agree but do you think sometimes the layouts that we have the most trouble completing are the emotional ones and it can be a little hard to do at the time, I am only asking because I have layouts that are like that and I cut them up, at least yours make it to the shelf. lol. I sometimes just hate how the layout is shaping up and dispose of it.

I adore this layout the circles look just great, I love the colours here and that photo is too cute with the kids on your backs.

You have an awesome style and find it hard to believe you could make a bad layout, Love to you and your family. Melxx

Kim said...

a beautiful sentiment Nat...hopefully I can do a similar layout soon

Susanne Perry said...

As if a L/O of your's could be a disaster Nat!

That is a very sweet photo of the "camel train"

Angela said...

A disaster!?!? YOU!? don't make me laugh!!! Love the camel train though! I'm sure your sis would have loved THAT remark!...... xxx

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