Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drying out...

We have almost three weeks of constant rain...with yesterday being the worst and reminding me of this event...and today the sun shone bright. Oh, how we have missed it.

During the last rainy week I have been singing Christmas carols as I have been working on a few chrissy projects....weird for June but for a good reason :). And it actually felt good to create them without the pressure of Christmas looming....I didn't feel rushed and got to have a good think about it instead of throwing them together, writing them and shoving them in the post!!!

So hence no scrapping or cardmaking for myself has taken place this week. But I thought I might share a few older pages that I never posted on here.

Hope your weekend is bright and sunny!!


Kim said...

ooooooo how very very cool is that little lady is her colourful and summery and your design of SPIN is just too cool...TFS Nat

Samantha said...

That bikini layout is toooo cute! And good idea, working on your Christmas projects now. I always leave it way too late to start mine, and I always stress myself out about it. I think I might start mine now too :)

Susanne Perry said...

Love that spin page, looking forward to seeing whatever it is you've been creating, I'm guessing to be appearing in a mag somewhere sometime soonish.

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