Wednesday, April 28, 2010


from Lake Cathie (pronounced Cat-eye). This is where I spent my childhood holidays and in March my sister's family where up there for a week. So whilst hubby was working, my mum and myself took the kids and went knocking on the door of their holiday rental. It was short but fun and I think I took close to 700 photos in 2 days....blush ;). It was awesome to see the kids love it just like I did as a kid.
This brings me to this LO...oh what a struggle!!! I absolutely loved this weeks palette at The Color Room but the purple just drove me Finally settled on this last night but it doesn't go into my fave pile...not by a long shot. But when it comes to scrapping I stick by my personal motto of 'once it's done, it's done.' I never go back and redo pages and trust me there are quite a few I would love to rip apart!!! But they show my I leave them alone.

Palette #3...

My take on it...

Thanks for the lovely comments last week girls!!!

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One Paper Heart said...

Just gotta love the bunting trend,love the beads and bows on yours Natalie - Gorgeous, and well done using the purple.

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